Myths About SEO You Should Know

Initially, I wanted to understand what the process of optimizing a site is, how to increase the PageRank of a page, how to index (I showed my rich vocabulary: P) and many other things in this area. I have read quite a lot of online textbooks, blog articles, I have listened to various webinars on this topic to better understand the SEO process.

The more I studied, the more questions arose. You want to know one thing, but he brings up another thing and another question, and so on to infinity. At that moment I decided to ask for the help of omniscient programmers. And… my eyes opened – they are not really omniscient :-). In addition, my husband (who, by the way, is also a programmer) told me: “we do not know everything, and if we study or do not know something – we use Google”. That was a shocking truth for me! Then my thoughts became even more confused!

However, this did not stop me and I decided to study further. And now, I can definitely highlight a few things – SEO myths that still confuse many people:

An SEO specialist – is a programmer – is not true, you do not need to be a programmer. It is important to have the necessary skills: to speak English, to have a little knowledge of IT, to know the basic concepts of marketing, etc. But it would be good to be a little psychologist, to put yourself in the place of users, to understand his needs;

Developers know everything about SEO – far from the truth. Few programmers have heard of SEO, and some of those who have heard – have a misconception about website promotion;

By using SEO services, you can position the site in the top in just a few days – maybe in the “black hat” SEO times this was possible, but now, in 2016, it will be difficult to cheat and avoid search engine algorithms, such as Google Penguin , Google Panda or others; buying links, intense use of keywords in anchors and many other tricks will be questioned and will trigger an audit, possibly even a penalty. We can talk endlessly about it (I don’t want to teach you “black hat” SEO :-)) – but I’ll tell you one thing – don’t trust people who promise you that your site will be right at the top.In the long run, the top positions in the search results pages on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will be occupied only by sites that offer value;

The meta keywords tag is the most important tool in the optimization process – please kindly forget about this! Now using the meta keywords tag not only does not positively influence the site, but on the contrary – it can have a negative effect on promotion;

Content can be downloaded, it is important that this content exists – it is very important to have unique content, useful information, and not just copy-paste. Content is one of the most important aspects in the process of evaluating the quality of the site. And if it is adapted and available for all users and devices, then it becomes the basis of a quality site, and such a site is the goal of any SEO specialist, whether beginner or professional;

It is enough to know only a few SEO optimization techniques – this can be seen from different perspectives. If you have virtually no competition and are satisfied with your current level – then that’s fine and we congratulate you. But, if the competition is quite high, because there are many SEO experts (among whom you can be) – knowledge of some optimization techniques is not enough. One thing I know for sure – perfection has no limits, and the fact that SEO needs to be geared towards increasing the quality of the site, but not the search engines – will never change.

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